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  "Ek Onkar" ੴ 

    Represents the highest reality and only one superhuman controlling power and a central principle of Sikh Religion.

The Sikh community invites all people to join them in bringing about mutual understanding and deep respect for everyone. They Honor the Holy, Bow to the One Love, worship God Almighty. Good and bad time, birth and death are subject to the command of Lord, s will. Equality among all and do Selfless service to needful people with free Kitchen is the basic concept and do good deeds to escape from the cycle of rebirth and the soul to become one with God. At the end of the worship wants to be prayed (Ardas) for the well being of the world.

        Ardas - Its Mystique, Evolution, Methodology, and Discipline Invocation is a humble prayer to Waheguru is the instrument of expressing faith in the Lord, surrendering to Him, and putting oneself to His care. It is a projection of the hope of a man.

        Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh - When we become pure Khalsa ourselves, every victory we achieve is given by Him and belongs to Creator.  (As soon as we follow the guru order and become Khalsa, we are blessed with his victory).

         SAT SRI AKAL: God is the Ultimate Truth. OR Truth is the Ultimate God